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Welcome to DTRACE

Dispatcher Training and Collaborative Education (D-TRACE)


Welcome to the Public Safety 911 Operator Dispatcher Training and Collaborative Education (D-TRACE) app for basic medical call training. This FREE app will provide you enhanced basic medical concept training for PRECISION in recognizing basic medical information from 911 calls for faster relays to your area Emergency Medical System (EMS) providers.

The purpose of D-TRACE is enhanced training specifically designed for Public Safety Dispatchers. The training focuses on a series of practical exercises to provide Public Safety Dispatchers with basic medical concepts necessary to identify medical incidents by asking the RIGHT questions.

Our goal is to enhance your communication skills and offer training in basic medical concepts for obtaining vital information with QUICK PRECISION from your 911 caller’s. Then relaying the information to your area EMS providers and first responders.

Please note that D-TRACE is NOT an Emergency Medical Dispatch program, nor will the App program train and certify Public Safety Dispatchers in first aid, emergency care, or pre-arrival instructions. The training provided WILL educate Public Safety Dispatchers for techniques on phone communication/call processing and basic medical concepts. Once training is completed, you will have the training to identify vital basic medical caller information for dispatches to your EMS providers and first responders.

As an App user you can self-check your enhanced medical call training by knowledge quizzes located in each of the concept modules. At the conclusion of the training, a certificate showing successful completion of D-TRACE will be electronically mailed.

For information about the course material and the APP Creator, see the ‘About the APP’ page.